Graham Asker in Cafe

I am Graham Asker, a British artist and retired chartered engineer.

I had a career in engineering design before retiring and immersing myself in art as a student at The Cass, London Metropolitan University. I enjoyed eight years as an art student, obtaining an MA in Fine Art and eventually giving up a PhD after a three year struggle. 

I am stimulated by complexity. I find that I can be more creative if I have to struggle to understand a process and fight against its constraints.  I think this is best illustrated by my two years producing a set of etchings and, more recently the for years that I have spent developing the robotic art.

I think that authenticity, in art, is very important, but I struggle to define or recognise it in relation to my work, or in the work of others. Because my work tends to be complex it could be thought of as contrived, lacking soul perhaps?

I have tried to 'loosen up' and failed.  I will continue to produce work that develops naturally, thus hopefully going in the general direction of authenticity.